Google Discover Tools #seo

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DiscoverTools: The Ultimate Google Discover Tool for SEOs

Discover a powerful tool that lets you master Google Discover like never before.

🌟 Main Features:

  • Discover API: The backbone of the tool. Without this API, the scrapper cannot work.
  • Headless Scrapper: Capture the Google Discover feed and save it directly to a MYSQL database.
  • MYSQL Database: A treasure trove of information on every Google Discover URL, including images, titles, content, publication dates, and more.
  • Simplified Web Interface: A last minute addition that allows you to view the most frequent keywords, the most popular topics, and see the last 50 URLS scraped.
  • Tips Discover: a very SIMPLE process to have Google Discover on any Google account. Works 100%!

📖 Demo :

🖼️ Function Overview:

  • API:

  • Scraping :

  • MYSQL :

  • Web APP :

  • Tips Discover on PC 100%

💰 Price:

Special launch price: €339

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Discover a powerful tool that lets you master Google Discover and get data directly from Discover.


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Google Discover Tools #seo

2 ratings